AVADirect Now Offers Supermicro Westmere-EX 8-Way Xeon SuperServer

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We recently added a whole new animal to our server line up, based on the socket 1366 Xeon Westmere Processors. This 5U, 80 core, 512GB-packin' monster will literally eat away at any demanding processes you have to put in it's path. Offering a total of 16 hard drive bays, your storage requirements will easily be met along side with your performance requirements. This SuperServer has the ability to be the "end all, be all" of server platforms and can be used for a multitude of tasks; from an IG, cloud computing, or render farm you will find yourself keeping up with current demand, or setting a new performance standard.

The machine is backed by a 2800W redundant power supply to keep you up and running longer, and with more hardware than you have ever experienced in one simple solution. One of the most unique features that truly compliments the Supermicro Superserver is intrusion detection; keeping unauthorized users far away from your investment. For those who intended to user this Octo-server of multi-tasking, you will also find it extremely useful with Tesla card support to add even more proficiency to your processing power. We are ecstatic to have the ability to provide such a robust solution to our customers, and look forward to seeing variants of this configuration in our showroom very soon!

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