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by Scott Bicheno on 2 October 2009, 12:37

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One headset to rule them all

As we become ever more dependent on mobile communications, wireless headsets are bound to become even more commonplace than they already are. What might not be such an obvious intuitive leap, however, is their predicted ubiquity in the workplace.

This is pretty much what GN Netcom, which is represented by the Jabra brand in the consumer space, is predicting. We speak to Stuart Back, product marketing manager at GN Netcom, who has a couple of shiny new headsets to show us, which are designed specifically for the enterprise market.

One is a mobile headset that has some snazzy features like a touch - as opposed to button - control and a dongle to allow you to use it for calls using your PC as well as your mobile phone. The other is a desk-bound unit that allows you to take calls on your mobile, PC and desk phone.

The latter especially is positioned to facilitate unified communications - a technology trend that aims to reduce the number of devices and applications you need to fulfil all your communications needs. We explore this topic and find out how willingly businesses are embracing it.


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