Update on Sonos speakers and AirPlay 2 support

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We wanted to give you a heads up on an update we shared with our owners today https://blog.sonos.com/en-gb/airplay2-coming/

In October, Sonos announced that they're bringing Apple AirPlay 2 to Sonos this year. Today, they’re confirming that newer Sonos speakers like Play:5, Playbase, and Sonos One will support AirPlay 2, in addition to future Sonos products. And when you group one of these Airplay-enabled speakers with other Sonos devices, you'll bring AirPlay content to your entire Sonos system. 

AirPlay 2 means that you can play any sound from an iPhone or iPad – including YouTube videos and Netflix movies – on Sonos speakers throughout the house. As part of this update, you will also be able to ask any Siri-enabled device to control Apple Music on Sonos speakers.

Also wanted to share some additional updates from Sonos this week: 

  • We launched our latest campaign featuring two films highlighting the not-so-smart "smart" home. The first film pokes fun at the increasing ways some devices are cluttering up the home. The second film shows a fancy new smart speaker that isn't so smart. Both were directed by Portlandia's Jonathan Krisel and feature a brand-new track, You Don't Know, from Leon Bridge's upcoming album, GOOD THING, coming out May 4. 
  • We also brought Alexa voice control to Sonos in Australia. Available through a free software update, we're bringing Alexa voice control for the Sonos One smart speaker in Australia, unlocking voice for the entire home sound system. With continuous free updates from both Sonos One and Alexa, new features, services and skills will be available to make the experience even better.