Libratone launches new red versions of popular ONE CLICK and ONE STYLE versatile Bluetooth speakers

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The new Cerise Red colour option joins the Libratone GO speaker family – innovative Bluetooth speakers with a stunning, customisable design

10th October 2016 (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Award winning audio company, Libratone, has today announced that it is now selling the ONE CLICK and ONE STYLE Bluetooth speakers in Cerise Red, giving consumers the choice of another colour in the range to fit perfectly into their own style preferences. Launched in the summer of this year, the new GO Bluetooth speakers are all portable and small enough to fit into a bag for everyday outdoor events and adventures. They link seamlessly to mobile devices and other Libratone Bluetooth speakers, and feature excellent acoustics thanks to the company's signature 360° sound. Libratone’s slick, Scandinvian designs are now evolving even more with the red versions of two of the speakers in the range. The red Libratone ONE CLICK and ONE STYLE are both available now from priced at £139.

Libratone ONE CLICK – adaptable design and sound at centre stage

Leading the way with it's innovative, adaptable design, the Libratone ONE CLICK (also available in Graphite Grey, Cloudy Grey and Caribbean Green) is the natural on-the-go follow up to the ZIPP and ZIPP MINI speakers which launched last year and allowed users to use multi-room functionality and control via the Libratone App.

Interchangeable handles

The ONE CLICK is shaped like a book to pack easily into a backpack or messenger bag. (Dimensions: 12 x 4.1 x 20.5 cm • Weight: 900 g / 2 lbs) . It features a sporty bumper-like frame with two interchangeable handles – one conventional and one hook for hanging on a bag, bench or branch. With a click or two the user can change the way it is carried or worn.

Fantastic sound in a small, durable package

The ONE CLICK leverages Libratone’s superior 360° sound technology to deliver excellent acoustics in a small, durable, adaptable package. Designed to withstand ever changing weather conditions outdoors but not sacrifice quality of sound, the speaker features a powerful 1x3” woofer, 1.1” tweeter and 2 x passive drivers to get the party started or provide relaxing chill out tunes wherever the user is.

Libratone ONE STYLE – finger loop for easy carrying or hanging

Honouring the classic Libratone design with an exclusive rubber frame and simple finger loop, the ONE STYLE’s book-shaped form factor makes it ready to pop into a backpack. Designed to fashionably accompany any on-the-go outfit, this speaker features Libratone’s 360° sound and can link together to create even bigger sound for a bigger group. It delivers the same intuitive user experience Libratone is known for: it can be controlled and linked via its  touch interface and the Libratone App. It features Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth + 1 technology (which links two Bluetooth speakers together or one Bluetooth speaker with one ZIPP/ZIPP MINI). It is also available in Graphite Grey, Cloudy Grey and Caribbean Green.

Key features for both speakers

  • Bluetooth 4.1 connection
  • Bluetooth +1 – creates a SoundSpace between two Libratone Bluetooth speakers or with a Libratone ZIPP
  • Music streaming with any available service including Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal
  • Built-in speakerphones for taking crystal clear calls
  • Over 12 hours of battery life
  • Splash resistance - users don't have to stop listening, even if the rain comes
  • Connect to two devices simultenouslty for music battles with friends
  • Charge through micro-USB
  • 3.5mm AUX

Retail and pricing

Libratone ONE CLICK (Cerise Red) – available now from at £139

Libratone ONE STYLE (Cerise Red) – available now from at £139

Also in the Libratone GO speaker range is the Libratone TOO (£109). This will be coming in Cerise Red in November and will be available from All three speakers can currenty be purchased in Cloudy Grey, Graphite Grey or Caribbean Green.

About Libratone

Libratone is on a mission to liberate sound and to expand peoples’ experiences with music in the era of streaming. Founded in 2009, Libratone is one of the first audio companies to consider the aesthetics of speakers – to move them out of the corner of the room and into the centre and onward, for the consumer on the move. Designed in the Scandinavian tradition, Libratone creates high performing sound refined through plush fabrics for a warmer, brighter listening experience. In 2014, the company welcomed Chinese investment and technological insight, enabling an unprecedented technological leap forward. The 2015 launch of SoundSpaces and the new Zipp family is the first launch under the new ownership and marks a refresh of the Libratone brand.