Canon - would-be King of Europe - range preview

by Bob Crabtree on 22 February 2006, 11:26

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The master-plan

Canon's 2006 Spring Collection consists of 39 new products spanning eight market sectors, the majority arriving in March and April. We're giving an overview here but will put up separate pieces about most of these goodies – with full specs – in the coming days.

The massive launch is part of a master-plan that aims to build on the growth of digital media – in the home, the office and the photographic studio. Canon is setting out to consolidate and expand market share in the sectors in which it already competes and to enter a number of others that it sees as set for expansion.

This far-from-modest plan – as laid out by Alessandro Stanzani, head of Canon Consumer Imaging UK & Ireland – aims to make the company No.1 in Europe within a couple of years in virtually all areas in which it competes. It's driven, Stanzani says, not just by marketing but by the products themselves - pitched at competitive price-points and the results of an on-going multi-billion-dollar R&D spend.

Although giving no launch dates, Stanzani also says that Canon will be coming out with some revolutionary display devices, including large-screen HD TV sets and hand-held photo viewers.