Greatest renditions of the Super Mario and Zelda theme tunes

by Steven Williamson on 7 August 2008, 16:09

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Beat-boxing and hand farting

Greg Patillo plays the beat-boxing flute, an unusual talent. He also tours with a group called PROJECT playing everything from classical to experimental acoustic sounds.

Gerry Phillips is a manualist,perfecting the art of hand farting. On his intro piece for his effort at the Mario tune he says: I have been playing songs on my hands for 38 years! kids, you asked for it! you got it! this was a lot harder than i thought it would be! lot's of weird time changes! Let’s take a look:

These guys (we don't know who they are) use an RC car and some bottles to concoct a stunning rendition of the Mario classic.

Check overleaf for the best renditions of Zelda