QOTW: Which social media platform do you use most?

by Parm Mann on 17 September 2021, 16:31

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Love it or loathe it, social media has not only transformed the online landscape, it has become deeply woven into our global fabric and now pervades our everyday lives.

Following accelerated growth during the pandemic, more than half the world's population is now said to be using social media, and the numbers here in the UK are showing no signs of slowing. According to recent statistics, there are now over 48 million active social media users on our shores, and the average UK user is estimated to spend a staggering 110 minutes on social media per day.

Mind-boggling numbers, irrespective of changes in platforms. Myspace is long gone, TikTok has exploded onto the scene and Facebook remains ever-present. For this week's question, we're asking which social media platform do you use most? Let us know which, if any, using the comments facility below.

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Talking to people in real life.
I use Twitter, mainly for news (from BBC sources), weather, a couple of family members and a few Labour MPs. My list of followers is tightly controlled and very short, as is the list I follow and, my block list is very, very long. To call it “social” media is probably an oxymoron.
The pub.
Are Reddit and Imgur social media?

If so, them, if not, none.
None of them. If, say, product support requires the use of one of them, I'm not buying that product.