LEPA CeBIT Preview: The Most Powerful ATX Power Supply and New CPU Cooler Section

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LEPA P1700: CeBIT Premiere of the most powerful ATX power supply

At the moment, the strongest ATX power supply at the market is the LEPA G1600. Therefore, it currently belongs to the most wanted PSU for mining systems. Crazy multi-GPU rigs are necessary to chase cryptocurrencies like Litecoins. And of course, you need a power supply that is able to deliver enough power for a system with two, three or even more high-end graphics cards. That is the reason why digital gold miners will be enthusiastic about the CeBIT premiere of the LEPA P1700. The new power supply from the brand manufacturer is based on a heavy-duty topology with an extraordinary high power density. That way, LEPA managed to design a performance-capable PCB which fits into an ATX power supply housing of just 18cm depth.

The P1700 provides 1700 watts continuous output power and up to 1800 watts peak power with a maximum efficiency of more than 93% (surpassing 80 PLUS® Platinum level). Finally, the multi-rail design with six massive 12V rails fulfills the highest safety standards with a multiple protection circuit (OPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP and SCP). Already in coming weeks, the P1700 will be available on the European market.

LEPA CPU Cooling: Smart Technologies for Cool CPUs

At CeBIT, LEPA officially presents the first models of a new product section: The CPU cooler series LPALV12 and the all-in-one liquid cooler Aquachanger will definitely attract the attention of the market - in terms of performance as well as design. The tower cooler LPALV12 will be shown in five eye-catching colour versions. LEPA has further developed a new air flow technology in order to improve the heat dissipation of the heat sink. The "U-Shape" structure of the fins diverts the air flow, so that it can absorb more heat than much bulkier, ordinary constructions. Aquachanger is the first close-loop water cooling system from LEPA. It comes with a 120mm radiator, flexible rubber tubes and high-pressure Vortex fans. With its armor-style water block, Aquachanger is designed for high-performance gaming rigs with strong and overclocked multi-core CPUs.

About LEPA

The leopard is the trademark of LEPA. He represents power, dynamics and aggressivity. The product range includes power supplies and cooling solutions for PCs and notebooks. The product development follows the latest market trends and user demands. With proven quality, established technologies and an aggressive price setting, LEPA is seeking for the leadership in the mid-range segment. The head office of the LEPA Technology Corporation is based in Taiwan. In Europe, LEPA is represented and distributed by the German company Coolergiant Computers Handels GmbH.