InWin shows off Diey 'Butterfly' 10th gen signature PC chassis

by Mark Tyson on 6 January 2020, 12:31

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At every major tech event I wonder what InWin is going to do to stay at the unapologetic extremes of PC case design. What confection of art, craft, and extravagance we will see, or simply what unnecessary flair might be wielded, to create a new PC case that stands out from the crowd?

At CES, InWin is a 2020 Innovation Awards honouree for its new PC chassis dubbed Diey (Romanisation of 'Butterfly' from Mandarin Chinese). On that page the product is described as follows: "Diey is technically a computer chassis, but its software ingenuity and visual aesthetics transforms this case into a technical marvel".

The InWin Diey is a PC chassis which is enshrouded in 80 Ocean Blue coloured transparent scales. Some scales surround the circular brushed aluminium base but the majority of them can be articulated on four wings which join the chassis at the top.

Enhancing the visuals further is the fact that the Diey can give the impression of flight as its four wings beat. Additionally the wings are lit up using ARGB LEDs and a projector built-into Diey. That's not all because the movement and lighting of the Diey is AI-controlled and can be configured to react to motion, gestures, voice commands, or music.

I don't have InWin Diey chassis specs to hand but the HEXUS editor is at CES in Las Vegas, and hopefully we will be able to update this story with more images and/or video later in the week. At the time of writing the official product pages are yet to be uploaded.

Other InWin products at CES 2020

In addition to the above, InWin has some perfectly sensible chassis on show. It is showcasing the classic styled InWin 215 and 216, and the C200 Creator with 5.25-inch optical drive / Hot Swap bays. Furthermore, you will be able to check out the InWin B1 mini-ITX curved PC chassis at the firm's stand at CES. The B1 is said to be an ideal but stylish solution for office PCs, HTPCs or for light gaming and comes with a pre-installed with a 200W, 80 Plus Gold certified PSU.

InWin SR36 and SR24 AIO liquid coolers feature a patented 'twin turbine' pump where both operate simultaneously to apply parallel pressure to the copper cold-plate. The radiators dissipate heat aided by high-static pressure AJF120 fans.

On the topic of fans, the new InWin AJ120 is a 'high flow optimized' ARGB cooling fan. It is designed to stand out from the crowds with its soft glow ARGB lighting, low-noise, 7 blade design and built-in vibration proof mounting pads. The 4-pin PWM controlled AJ120 is capable of generating over 70CFM and 2.62mm/H2O air pressure at maximum performance.

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It is close the relatives of Danish Designer Paul Henningsen can sure inwin.

I would never actually want this crazy kind of a case for any practical stuff, but I love the creativity!
I would never actually want this crazy kind of a case for any practical stuff, but I love the creativity!
With InWin's insane cases it's never about practicality. Just doing it because they can and because a few people can actually afford such frippery.

Unfortunately there are only two pictures of the thing right now and HEXUS has them both, neither of which are especially detailed, so I cannot decide which of my Megayachts it'd look best on…
Imagine trying to dust the feckin thing?!?!?!
Imagine trying to dust the feckin thing?!?!?!
Compressor, feather duster, paintbrush, in that order. Imagined… Job done. :p