Microsoft announces Surface Event for 2nd October

by Mark Tyson on 28 August 2019, 11:11

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Microsoft has sent out invites to its next Surface Event. The invite asks would-be attendees to 'save the date' of 2nd October in their calendars. Unfortunately, there is no hint about what will be revealed in New York in October but at the event last year we saw quite a lot of new hardware (Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2, and Surface Headphones), so expectations are high for product launches.

It would be reasonable to expect some updates to the aforementioned core Surface line of products in New York. Microsoft could easily implement upgrades with Intel's 10th generation core processors - like the Comet Lake chips launched recently, and the Ice Lake chips announced a few weeks ago. One of its new portables might even be Project Athena experience verified.

Perhaps more interesting expectations for Surface Event news have come from various leaks and rumours over recent months. In June, HEXUS reported upon a report that said Microsoft would unveil a Surface Laptop with a 12nm AMD Picasso SoC, as well as a Surface Pro device featuring an Arm-based chip this autumn.

A more exciting possibility for the industry could be the introduction of a Surface device built upon Microsoft's Dual-screen Centaurus concepts. Leaks and rumours about this compact foldable device have been swirling around many months. It will certainly be a show-stopper if Microsoft can create a new pocket PC form factor and demonstrate why people will want to own one.

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Surface headphones. So that means the 3.5mm jack is going bye bye on Surface devices then?
Should be an interesting event. I think it's almost guaranteed that we'll see a new Surface Pro with USB C ports and a CPU refresh, not sure they really need to do too much to it given the huge success they are seeing with them, but it could really benefit from USB-C alongside the existing dock connector.

Would really like to see a courier/Centaurus device but i'm not sure they are quite ready..we'll see…. It's interesting that this event is being held on the same day as the second day of Future decoded, which implies to me that they won't launch anything major - given how hard they normally push Surfaces at FD.

I selfishly hope they don't release a new set of Surface Headphones though, given that mine are only a few months old. I also don't think they need to - the Surface headphones really are great as they are especially since they released the update that lets you disable Cortana, so other than a minor refresh with a better battery life and maybe another colour, I don't think there is much they need to do to them.

We'll see I guess :)
Surface book with modernized I/O ports, and I'd replace my old Lenovo come Christmas… even Mac switched to USB C/TB 3, what is M$ waiting for, USB 4.0?
Surface book with modernized I/O ports, and I'd replace my old Lenovo come Christmas… even Mac switched to USB C/TB 3, what is M$ waiting for, USB 4.0?

As long as they keep an old USB A port. I will not buy a laptop that has only new USB ports. Everyone's USB sticks are A and so are my perhipherals. And I'm not buying a dingledangledongle to carry around. It negates the whole point of a small, easily transported laptop when you have to carry around accessories becuase they were so forward thinking they rendered everyone's existing tech useless.
Prediction: USB-C, new chips, even better keyboard, another 1mm off bezels.