SteelSeries launches the Apex 3 TKL for US$44.99 / €54.99

by Mark Tyson on 14 October 2021, 12:11

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SteelSeries has launched a compact TKL version of its accessibly priced Apex 3 keyboard, in a more compact eSports form factor. The build of the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL uses rubber dome technology to keep the price down, but SteelSeries says that it has selected a "highly durable POM rubber dome sheet that is 10x the durability," of rival designs. Moreover, this compact keyboard offers many features you might expect of more pricey gaming keyboards plus the undoubted benefit of IP32 water and dust resistance.

The above video gives you a quick impression of what to expect from this mid-range to budget gaming product. I've already mentioned the rubber dome tech, above, but SteelSeries pairs this with its "whisper quiet gaming switches" that are rated for 20 million actuations. This board is good for 24 key rollover (more fingers than I have), and anti-ghosting tech is present "across the most commonly used gaming keys," too.

As a price sensitive build, the top of the keyboard is made of "high-quality polymer," but it isn't that light weight a keyboard at 639g. Moreover, while 18.8 million colour RGB lighting is present and supported by the provided software to customise and sync, it is limited to eight independent zones. The software probably allows you to configure the built-in scroll wheel and other media controls within the keyboard layout, too.

This is a wired keyboard with three-way routing channels on its underside. I'm not sure of the cable type or length.

I've recently warmed to the idea of a spill-proof keyboard as during a hot spell the condensate on my icy drinks dripped into my Cherry MX Blue packing keyboard and stopped my b, n, and m switches working – they had been drowned. Luckily, unplugging and leaving the keyboard on the balcony fixed things up within a day. This happened three times.

Buyers can grab the Apex 3 TKL with US, FR, DE, ND, JP, UK, RU, or TR layouts. MSRPs are as follows: North America for $44.99, EMEA for €54.99, APAC for $59.99.

SteelSeries recently accepted a takeover approach from GN Group, valuing them at US$1.2 billion.

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