Hayley has a Shiny New Toy


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HEXUS.tv finally jumps on the bandwagon and reviews the iPhone 4

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just so you know, the sound is very quiet, can barely hear it, and it only plays through the left channel.

picture looked alright though :)
A) Yup, no stereo. Or Steeeer-eee-oh as my granddad calls it.
B) When I saw the title I thought I'd accidentally gone onto an *ahem* NSFW site.
C) Where the hell is the damn drop test Hexus? You gravely disappoint me. How many storeys tall is Hexus Towers? Surely you could've dropped it from 1 foot, 3 feet, and 60 feet onto tarmac just to see what happened? And then hit it with a sledgehammer, to assess its hardiness against workplace accidents.
B) When I saw the title I thought I'd accidentally gone onto an *ahem* NSFW site.

I'm glad i'm not the only one who's mind wandered…
Must admit I do like the idea of Snootyjims drop test. Always something funny about testing gadgets to destruction :clapping:
Or we could of had Hayley take pictures of Nick sleeping at his PC or other funny moments I'm sure it would be easy to catch him in. Anything is better then pictures of the sofa anyhow!

Still at least watching this video won't get me awkward looks in work unlike that previous one with Hayley lunging forward to pick items of the table. I had to quickly close that video for fear what exactly would be shown in the next frame! :crazy:

Hope we see more gadget video reviews on Hexus.tv. Especially with the upcoming surge in Android tablets before christmas. They are so much more about the touch or feel of the product its hard get the reviewers impression from a page of words compared to what you learn from a few seconds of video watching them actually use the gadget.
I will edit the sound today and re post.

I will take everything as a compliment :)

Due to timing and Nick being on holiday I was unable to take any pictures of exciting things.

Due to the drop test, it is a good idea but I dont think that Vodafone would have been appreciative. Maybe next time. :thumbsup:

More Android phones and tablets coming up!!! :D