Gateway Servers with the New AMD Opteron™ 6100 Series Processors Help Businesses Run Faster

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Manno, 16th March 2011 - The technology partnership between Gateway, Acer Group brand for the business world and AMD, has generated the development of an exciting line of servers that meet the needs of the professional market.

One year after releasing a rich portfolio of servers based on the AMD OpteronTM 6000 Series platform, Gateway has updated its product family with the newly released AMD OpteronTM 6100 Series processors. Available in both 8 and 12-core versions, these processors offer superior business performance.

The new AMD processors meet the market's demand  for scalable and  power efficient systems that are especially well suited for Web serving, virtualization and cloud computing workloads.

The latest AMD-based Gateway servers provide outstanding performance while reducing power consumption. These advantages offer users a customized and high-level business solution that meets the demands of SMBs, enterprises and public sector environments looking for balanced systems, excellent price/performance ratio and energy efficiency.

The Gateway SMB Server line-up is available in tower, rack and multi-node series, offering a range of solutions in terms of performance, reliability, scalability and green efficiency that can be tailored to the company needs.

Gateway Tower series (GT): featuring the latest industry technologies for SMB and departmental environments, the Gateway GT series servers are the sensible choice for the growing small business. The Gateway GT115 F1 is a single socket tower server for space conscious users looking for expansion, power, and a great price. With the latest AMD OpteronTM 6100 Series processors, Gateway GT115 F1 delivers optimized performance per cost solution in enterprise environment deployments.

Gateway Rack series (GR): this smart series delivers manageability and I/O flexibility to optimize space for rack server environments. Gateway Rack Series servers provide medium-sized to enterprise-sized businesses with optimized performance per office space or datacenter space occupied. These servers come with standard expansion options, are highly manageable and guarantee excellent availability.

The GR585 F1 is the top performance model in Gateway rack server range equipped with four processors. It is a quad-socket 2U server for space-conscious users who demand superior performance and utmost expansion capability. Offering leading performance with up to 12-core processing power, latest DDR3 technology, and comprehensive management features, Gateway GR585 F1 delivers optimized rack server solution in server consolidation, virtualization, and enterprise environment applications. Featuring the latest AMD OpteronTM 6000 Series platform based on next-generation AMD Direct Connect Architecture 2.0 with up to 48 total cores in a 4P configuration, the Gateway GR585 F1 delivers efficiency and productivity to a company's entire IT infrastructure.

Gateway Gemini series (GW): The Gateway Gemini servers are optimized for space efficiency and run applications both independently and in parallel with multi-nodes in 1U or 2U form factors. The Gateway Gemini series offers the best performance density per watt and is perfectly suited for HPC, medical imaging, academic computation simulations, large ISP and more. Gateway Gemini series servers feature best performance per office or datacenter space occupied. These products are very cost-effective to run and save considerably more in energy costs than rack servers.

The Gateway GW2000h w/ GW175h/q F1 maximizes computing power and thermal control with up to four hot-pluggable nodes in a space-saving 2U form factor. Offering first-class performance, innovative technology, high configurability, and comprehensive management features, Gateway GW2000h w/GW175h/q F1 servers deliver superb scale-out possibilities to mid markets and high-performance computing (HPC) environments.

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