ASUS Releases the ESC4000 GPU Server

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Delivering the world's first 2U parallel computing power with true high density and 8+1 flexible expansion configuration

April 28, 2011 - The world's most expandable 2U server with quad NVIDIA® TeslaTM GPUs and integrated InfiniBandTM, the ESC4000 helps professional users conserve space and energy while offering a high density architecture that supports dual CPUs. Flexible 8+1 expansion options and intelligent fan-control technology with 20% energy savings make it the server of choice for users who wish to combine performance, high efficiency, and environmental responsibility.  

The world's first 2U server with true high density design

The ESC4000 joins previous entries in the ESC server series from ASUS, including the ESC1000 and ESC2000, making it the first ever 2U rack model in its category. The ESC4000 offers almost double performance with the same space requirements when compared to similar products thanks to an innovative high density design. Through its advanced parallel computing performance, flexible design and versatile hardware, the ESC4000 serves the needs of high-end professional applications, including scientific, weather and financial modeling, as well as advanced medical and life sciences uses.

Commenting on the launch of the ESC4000, Tom Lin, General Manager of the ASUS Server Business Unit, said, "We're proud to release the ESC4000, a true high density GPU server and the first ever such model offered in the compact 2U rack mount. The ESC4000 allows users to easily achieve highly optimized computing performance as well as maximized efficiency."

Dual CPUs & four GPUs in a 2U form factor

Up to two CPUs can be installed at once on the ESC4000 for a considerable increase in processing power. The expansion slot architecture supports up to four double-deck TeslaTM M2050/2070 GPU boards concurrently, boosting the ESC4000's computational output to 1.07 TFLOPS double precision performance at Linpack.

"Scientists, engineers and developers around the world are optimizing their applications to take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of TeslaTM GPUs. The release of ASUS' ESC4000 is well-timed, and gives these professionals a high performance, energy efficient platform upon which to deploy their applications", said Andy Keane, General Manager of TeslaTM Business at NVIDIA.

8+1 PCI-E x16 flexible expandability and InfinibandTM Onboard*

ASUS introduces a new design referred to as 8+1, designating the eight expansion slots and dedicated PIKE channel, enabling diverse RAID storage configurations. The inclusion of InfiniBandTM interconnet technology allows users to link the ESC4000 with a variety of devices at very high data transfer speeds, as well as daisy-chain it with other servers for powerful networking and clustering. 

(*Only for ESC4000/IB, up to 20Gb/s)

20% power savings with intelligent fan controls

The ESC4000 features an intelligent cooling design with fan controls and ASUS exclusive EPU (Energy Processing Unit) to mitigate power requirements and limit consumption. Intelligent fan controls adapt to actual system load and temperatures, slowing down when the system idles or runs low intensity applications. This ensures optimized cooling and a 20% improvement in energy savings. The ASUS EPU supervises system-wide energy consumption to streamline power draw just as while keeping optimized performance, compared to competing models in the same segment.

The ESC4000 also features dual 80+ Gold power supplies. This redundancy assures uninterrupted operation under every scenario with consistent and efficient power consumption. This combination of green innovation provides a system that minimizes its impact on the environment without sacrificing performance. The ESC4000 also offers full virtualization support, so users can create multiple virtual machines. This highly efficient design comes as part of ASUS' green computing commitment, helping deliver a system that minimizes its impact on the environment without sacrificing performance.





Form Factor

2U Rack-mount

Expansion Slot

8*PCI-E Gen2x16 slot (4 at x16 or 8 at 8 links)

1* Low Profile PCIe Gen1x16 (atx4 links)


2*Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500/5600 Series


18 DIMM slots

DDR3/ DDR3L 800/1066/1333 RDIMM/ UDIMM

Up to 144GB at launch w/ dual rank RDIMMs


Intel 5520/ICH10R

2*NVIDIA® nForce® 200


2*Intel® 82547L+1*Mgt LAN


8*3.5" Hot Swap HDD Bays, PIKE SAS RAID CARD support

1*Slim DVD-RW drive (optional)




1+1 1400W 80+ Gold Redundant PSU


5*8CM fans

I/O Ports

4*USB,1*D-sub, 3*RJ45,

1*External Serial Port

4*USB,1*D-sub, 3*RJ45

1*External Serial Port


About ASUS

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