QOTW: Which smart home gadgets do you own?

by Parm Mann on 26 February 2016, 16:31

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If you're a technology fiend you might agree that smart home gadgets are really rather cool. Vastly overpriced and largely nonsensical, sure, but still really rather cool.

Thermostats that control the temperature automagically. Plug sockets you can turn off without leaving your seat. Front-door locks that require no keys. Vacuum cleaners that require no human. And light bulbs that flash red when the mother-in-law sends you an email. The world is our oyster.

We're still missing a hydrator, granted, but the home of the future is getting closer each day. Opportunity knocks and the tech industry is itching for us all to make the switch from dumb devices that have worked all along to smart alternatives that need maintenance and are likely to be hacked.

Doesn't sound quite so tempting when you put it that way, but we're all gadget enthusiasts around these here parts, so let's open up the discussion by asking: which smart home gadgets do you own? We'd love to know, and we're eager to hear about your real-world experiences.

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It depends what you mean by “smart”?

I have some lights I can turn of/off, dim, or change colour temp, with a remote control. They can be controlled by smartphone/tablet etc app, if you buy a wifi bridge but I haven't bought one and don't intend to. Similarly, I have some plug sockets I can remote-control.

But I don't class a simple manually operated remote control as “smart”, any more than being able to change TV channel with a remote makes the TV smart. If you're including remote devices, well, quite a few from CD player to AV amp, to some security devices, and so on.

I have a “smart” TV, but have deliberately not connected it to the net, so if that counts as smart, I've lobotomised it.

As for what's usually meant by “smart”, as in web-connected, or IoT-type gadgets, I don't have any, and don't currently plan on any. Things like IoT fridges, kettles, etc, hell, no.

I MIGHT consider smart devices IF :-

- I'm convinced about both privacy and security,
- They're value for money, and
- I'm convinced the “smart” features benefit ME.

Frankly, I'm going to need a lot of convincing on that last point alone, even without the first two.
WiFi light bulbs are the only ones i have atm. A simple dimming switch on the wall would have been a solution too, but the cost of the light bulb method was just so much lower.

And i have backed kickstarter projects for various fun “smart” stuff too. Am quite looking forward to the bluetooth/zigbee controlled window blinds :)
My wife. When she says we don't need this crap I listen to her. ;)
There is more smart in a goldfish than any IoT gadget. We should remove the word smart from technology. Also the further back in time you go the better the technology gets. 1920s for toasters.
My coffee pot. I press the button after I put the water and grounds in, and it gives me coffee. Aside from that, I would rather have full control over the things in my house, cause my luck would have it that it would wildly malfunction.