QOTW: What do you wear on your wrist?

by Parm Mann on 18 November 2016, 16:31

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There was a time when I always wore a watch. It needed a new battery every few years, but no bother, I enjoyed wearing it. And the watches changed dramatically over time. Back when I could only just tell time it was a Super Mario clockface, then there was one that doubled as a calculator, another was supposed to function as a remote control (I say supposed because it never seemed to work properly), I went through the fitness craze with a Garmin Forerunner, and in later years it was a more classic timepiece that doubled as a fashion statement.

I used to enjoy them, then at some point I stopped wearing a watch. Thinking back, I'm not entirely sure when or why it happened, but I do know I've not worn a watch for many years. Was it because my phone, always in my pocket, now tells me the time? Perhaps, but I was at a party the other day when watches became the topic of choice.

A friend was keen to point out the benefits of her Fitbit, but if I'm honest I was more taken by another chap's Seiko Kinetic which, while basic in terms of functionality, looked rather smart and didn't require charging. An innocent conversation, yet ever since I've had the feeling that my wrist feels bare.

So let's open up the topic to everyone and ask: what do you wear on your wrist? Have you taken a 'smart' option, do you still wear a regular watch, or do you see no point in wrist accessories as they stand today? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Normal (dumb?) watch on left wrist, Mii Fit band on right wrist
Pebble… does a bit of both
Cheap watch on left, Microsoft Band on right.