Netatmo brings HomeKit Secure Video to its Smart Indoor Camera

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London, 26th February 2020 – Netatmo, the French leader in smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home, announces that its Smart Indoor Camera now supports Apple HomeKit Secure Video. Users can view videos from their Smart Indoor Camera in the Apple Home app and securely store them in iCloud.

This free and automatic software update will be progressively available to all Netatmo Smart Indoor Cameras in the upcoming days, including those already purchased. 

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is among the first HomeKit Secure Video enabled cameras. The device distinguishes between strangers, family members and harmless movements. Thanks to the camera’s built-in facial recognition technology, the Netatmo Indoor Camera sends an immediate alert to the user’s smartphone when it detects an unfamiliar face, with a photo and video of the intruder. 

Users are particularly sensitive regarding the protection of their home security footage. They want to make sure that their videos remain confidential and that no one can access them. Our response to their concern was to design cameras with local storage. Keeping their data privacy in mind and willing to give them further options, we decided to support Apple HomeKit Secure Video. This allows Netatmo users to securely store activity detected by the Smart Indoor Camera in iCloud. Starting from today, on top of local storage, Netatmo users can choose between 3 back-up storage options to the cloud: Apple HomeKit Secure Video, their personal Dropbox account or their FTP server.” explains Fred Potter, Founder of Netatmo. 

HomeKit Secure Video gives users a secure and private way to monitor their homes 

Apple customers can now view live video as well as 10-days of recent activity detected by the Smart Indoor Camera in the Apple Home app on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. With Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad set up as the home hub, HomeKit Secure Video uses on-device intelligence to privately analyze activity captured from the Smart Indoor Camera to determine if a person, animal, or vehicle is present before securely storing it in iCloud, where only the customer can view them. 

Thanks to HomeKit Secure Video support, users of Netatmo Smart Indoor Cameras will be able to store their videos locally on the included microSD card, free of charge, and in iCloud with select storage plans. Customers with a 200GB iCloud storage plan can add one camera at no extra cost and those with a 2TB plan can add up to five cameras — all without any impact to their iCloud storage limit. 

 Price and availability

The Smart Indoor Camera is available now for £199.99 on, at John Lewis or CEF. All features of the Smart Indoor Camera are available free of charge. No subscription or additional costs are required to use the Camera or access its data. 

The Smart Outdoor Camera will add HomeKit Secure Video compatibility later this year.

About Netatmo  

Netatmo is a leading smart home company creating simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. The company’s ambition is to bring useful technology, to the most intimate place you own. In order to pursue this goal, Netatmo follows four commitments that embody the company’s DNA:

  • Durable design: no planned obsolescence.
  • Privacy at its core: from the conception phase, we ensure that we can guarantee data protection.
  • Useful & reliable: our products make your life easier.
  • Thoughtful notifications: we notify you only when it is important.

Since 2012, Netatmo has launched thirteen devices and accessories to meet the main demands of the smart home industry. The company offers different solutions to automate the home and make life easier, from its first product in 2012 to today. 

In addition to its main product range, Netatmo collaborates with key industrial leaders with its “with Netatmo” program to expand its reach and continue to grow strategically with smart integrated solutions that fit in your home’s infrastructure. Thanks to this strategy, Netatmo can bring simpler, easier and better home experiences. 

In November 2018, Netatmo joined the Legrand Group, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Netatmo, same home, just smarter.