PQI My Lockey Acquires Microsoft Certification for Windows Hello

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February 3, 2017 - A global leader in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI of Foxlink group today announces My Lockey has acquired world's first Microsoft Windows Hello Biometric Fingerprint ID certification, providing a simple way to access and yet sophisticated data security. Available in mid-February, customers without biometric ID hardware can also enjoy having an intelligent gold-key.

After 2017 CES, the CEO of Global Operations at PQI, Spencer Chiu is more confident than ever and states "PQI have been eyeing the biometric market, and plans to be ahead of other competitors. At 2017 CES, PQI My Lockey attracted attention and the number of people showing interests were higher than expected . It simply refused to bow down to smartphones, AR or VR products at the show. To create My Lockey, PQI utilized Foxlink Group's sound research as a niche point and cost-effective productivity advantages to partner with US number one IC sensor and Touch-Pad manufacturer, Synaptics. It then acquired certification from Fast Identity Online (FIDO) and now, certification from Microsoft, being the world's first aftermarket fingerprint ID hardware for Windows Hello! The advanced technology and certifications have brought much encouragement and assurance to PQI My Lockey. The advanced and sophisticated biometric security system has put PQI on the forefront of fingerprint ID in our industry´╝ü"

What is worth mentioning is the improved encryption of My Lockey, the encryption can be directed at a file or folder. With just the touch of your fingertips, the file / folder can be encrypted or decrypted for use. No need to memorize / enter complicated passwords, worry about forgetting the password or unauthorized accesses. When encrypted, it's appearance status will remain the same as other folders so it will not draw needless attention from peepers. In the near future, PQI will continue to optimize the use of fingerprint ID to a wider range of implementation. Meanwhile, My Lockey will continue to provide current convenient functions such "My favorites" to effortlessly and safely log into your favorite social media or online shopping sites. One can also use it for other online authentications such as ecommerce, online payments or connecting to cloud databases. Create an intelligent, safe and convenient digital information era with My Lockey!

For more information on FIDO certification, please visit: https://fidoalliance.org/certification/fido-certified/

About PQI

Founded in 1997 and now a subsidairy of Foxlink, PQI is a global leader in 4C solutions with strong manufacturing capabilities and decades of R&D experience. Initially a DRAM module manufacturer, PQI established subsidiaries in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and China and integrated its all-round resources to create five major product lines; iStorage, Storage, Power, Mobility and Audio. PQI is now a global leader in mobile peripheral solutions with the focus of creating intelligent devices and hopes to make your every moment brilliant!

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