Sharkoon SKILLER SGD1: Ergonomic Gaming Desk

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Pohlheim, 03. April 2019 – Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now presents the SKILLER SGD1. This is a robust gaming and work desk with ergonomic features and a modern gaming design. The integrated cable management system ensures tidy cabling for the connected peripherals and hardware. 

Ergonomic Tabletop 

To support prolonged gaming and work sessions which are free of fatigue, Sharkoon has provided the tabletop with chamfered edges. With this ergonomic feature, wrists and hands can be comfortably rested. In addition, the projected sides of the desk serve as rests for the elbows.  

Modern SKILLER Design for Gamers

With the base-black of the tabletop and the contrasting blue and black of the legs, the gaming desk offers the perfect platform for matching peripherals from the SKILLER series. The sportive design of the SKILLER SGD1 makes it more than suitable for style-conscious gamers.  

Stable thanks to Solid Materials

The four legs of the SKILLER SGD1 are made of robust steel and offer a high degree of stability thanks to their special triangular configuration. In addition, the feet can be adjusted in height to help achieve the perfect seating height or to compensate for any unevenness of the floor. 

Cable Management System for More Tidiness 

More tidiness on the gaming desk is ensured by the integrated cable management system on the underside of the tabletop. Cables can be laid neatly behind the recess at the back of the desk and led into the cable management system. This can be flexibly installed, as desired, in one of two directions.  

Price and Availability

The SKILLER SGD1 gaming desk is now available. The suggested manufacturer’s price for the desk is 229 euros in Europe.   


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