PSPgo price cut in U.K.

by Steven Williamson on 15 November 2010, 09:41

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE)

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Sony is encouraging shoppers to go out and buy the PSPgo in the lead up to Christmas, after slashing the PSPgo price by £30.

The PSPgo was selling at £225, but was given a price cut last month. This latest reduction means you can now pick up the hand-held, which has sold poorly worldwide, for £129.

Sony is busy working on a successor to the PSP, dubbed PSP2. Following news that the distribution of current PSP development kits has been halted, rumours suggest that the new hand-held could ship out as early as next year.

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Sounds like this was just a typo, there is no second price cut. Pity, as the PSP go is well over priced for what it is.