Linkin Park and more in new Guitar Hero III content

by Steven Williamson on 18 December 2007, 09:06

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Top European bands - alledgedly

Activision has confirmed a new track pack for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on Xbox 360 and PS3, which includes master recordings of "No More Sorrow," by Linkin Park and "Sleeping Giant," by Mastadon. The pack hasn't been dated or priced, but the publishers say it will be released in December.

They're also hoping to appease the European crowd by releasing single song downloads from popular (never heard of them) European bands. These include Extremoduro, Trust and Die Fantastischen Vier, as well as a free, exclusive rock rendition of "We Three Kings," recorded by Steve Ouimette.

The main track pack, entitled 'The Warner/Reprise Track Pack' consists of "No More Sorrow," by Linkin Park, "Sleeping Giant," by Mastadon and "Pretty Handsome Awkward," by The Used.

Activision are also encouraging fans to head over to the official site to enter competitions to win a variety of prizes.

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awesome, No More Sorrow is proberbly the best track on the last Linkin Park CD (also one of my favourite tracks).