Another mystery item has landed in the review dungeon...

by Nick Haywood on 2 April 2008, 12:09

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Can you guess what it is yet?

Ok, so the Rock Band kit was pretty easy for you lot of eagle eyed readers, but how about this new bit of kit that landed yesterday?

Yep, I’m testing you all now!

As usual, leave your guesses in the forum...


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the first picture looks like a sensor of some kind….
There is a sensor in the pictures…
I have 2 guesses…. although its more because they're the only things coming out soon. My initial thought was the Wii Fit balance board… although after looking at pictures online I don't think it can be.

My second thought was one of those Neurosky mind reading headset thingies. But again I don't think it looks much like that :S

and… YE… nope! :)
pedal from rock band?

and wheres my credit for being first right on the last one :P