Burnout Revenge - Hands On

by Nick Haywood on 21 August 2005, 00:00

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Racing

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Burnout Revenge – Hands On

Burnout Revenge – Hands On

In life there are several things that pure common sense tells you to never do, such as put your hand in a running waste disposal machine to un-jam it or lie naked face down on Hampstead Heath after dark… But some lessons in life have to be learnt and today whilst playing Burnout Revenge in the company of Stephan Kelsey from Electronic Arts, I learnt another; Never, never, never get in a car with Stephan at the wheel. The guy’s a nutter! He makes those police chase TV shows look tame by comparison!

Strap him into a high powered pocket rocket of a car and watch him ram everything, and I mean everything off the road, causing mayhem and destruction on a scale that’d make a direct nuclear strike seem like a gentle breeze. The man is a lone wolf crusade against safe and considerate driving and all the while he’s at the controls a devilish glee can be seen in his eyes as he rams yet another poor innocent victim into the Armco.

Luckily none of this was real, this was just Stephan showing off Burnout Revenge before handing the controls to me for a go… so don’t expect to see either of us sprawled face down in the road being handcuffed while our ride burns merrily in the background. No one was hurt in the writing of this article except literally hundreds of digital cars, trucks and vans… along with a smattering of articulated lorries, petrol tankers and coaches… oh, and some scenery…and the opponents’ cars… oh yeah, and our car too.

You’re more than likely familiar with the concept of the Burnout series. It’s basically an arcade racer that, unlike NFS:U, goes heavy on the spectacular crashes with cars crumpling left, right and centre, explosions kicking off all over the place and general mayhem all up and down the highway.