QOTW: When did you last upgrade your mobile phone?

by Parm Mann on 1 October 2021, 16:31

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Not even a global pandemic can slow the relentless release cycle of modern mobile phones. iPhones, Pixels, Galaxys are all but guaranteed an annual refresh, but has innovation started to slow?

It could be argued that new models look a lot like the one that came before, and though there are typically many under-the-hood upgrades, is there much desire to upgrade on a frequent basis? Industry sales figures would suggest the demand is very much there, but we're curious to know where you stand, so for this week's question we're asking: when did you last upgrade your mobile phone?

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I'm still rocking my OnePlus 6T Pro. That was 3 years ago. I don't see any need to upgrade it.
Not into phones at all and TBH hate the bloody things but are a necessity these days especially with work. I use mine just mainly for calls and occassional texts although the camera comes in handy on jobs as it saves me carrying a dedicated one. Other than that I use WhatsApp for my golf group and sharing funny pics.I don't use the data side , have a PC for that and SatNav in my car , gaming defo no way ( don't even do that on my PC) besides my old eyeballs couldn't cope with that on a phone screen. Had to get a new phone couple of months back as I dropped my old one twice and screen cracked to hell and became eratic in use. Bought a new Moto G5 to replace the Cubot one I had.
normally i just buy a cheap handset when thry die, but during the pandemic i thought id treat myself so went for a contract phone over 24 months! Worst descision i ever made, stupid monthly costs that thrh try and say that thryre for all the inclusive minutes and the like, but thats all b-locks, its a rip off, hate it..

But ive got at least another year of all this, oh the joy.
Bought my first phone in about a dozen years last summer (2020, I mean). I don't see any need to change it anytime time soon.
Probably about 2-3 years ago, got a new iPhone X fairly cheap.