QOTW: When was your broadband last down?

by Parm Mann on 12 February 2021, 16:31

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The importance of a reliable Internet connection has been emphasised by the global pandemic. Whether you're keeping in touch with friends and family, working from home or simply trying to stay entertained, being reliably connected is of paramount importance.

Makes you wonder, are our broadband connections dependable enough to sustain our new way of life? Living in a small town I personally feel relatively fortunate. While my connection isn't the quickest (50Mb), the speed is mostly consistent and, other than a local power outage a few months back, I can't actually remember the last time the broadband itself was down.

But how reliable is broadband service in other areas around the UK and indeed the globe? To help shed some light, this week's question asks: when was your broadband last down? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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It was down rather long ( some hours ) not long ago, but in general all the different connections i have had over the years ADSL / cable / fiber have been pretty steady, for sure no need to be launching complaints with support.
Been with VM 100MbpS for nearly ten years, and only been down twice (significantly) in that time. Last time was prolly 3 yr ago.
It was down for an hour or two a couple of weeks ago but, that was first time in many years.
With VM, was down a few weeks ago, apparently our socket in the cabinet burnt out.
Slow news day.