QOTW: Which PC speakers are you using?

by Parm Mann on 21 June 2019, 16:31

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We've heard all about your monitor choices, but you surely can't be relying on those basic integrated speakers, right? So much multimedia is delivered through today's PCs that a dedicated audio system can have a profound impact on the user experience.

This is an area of the market that arguably doesn't get as much media attention as other peripherals, yet it pays to spend some time investigating when deciding which speakers to buy. The difference between quality and crap in this segment can be vast.

We're eager to hear about your choices so this week let us ask: which PC speakers do you use? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, don't forget to share your real-world opinion on how the speakers perform.

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I got some of the old Edifier RT1600 speakers.
Work perfectly for a small mancave-office, not felt the need to change, or upgrade.
They were only about £60 when I bought them new.
I've got a pair of Creative T20s. Great speakers but I don't use them any more as the computer is right next to the boy's bedroom, so I just use headphones now.
Still run an old Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1 system. (Think the model is DTT3500 but not 100% sure). Im sure theres probably newer alternatives to this, but it really does boom when asked to. Got no need to swap it at all just yet.
Still running my AE aego m's although starting to think about changing to just 2.0 to save some space.

edit: damn.. just realised they've got to be getting on for 10 years old, if not a bit more…
Logitech 506's, a few years old now and might upgrade to 906's when they go (and they are on sale)