QOTW: Which mouse do you use?

by Parm Mann on 8 October 2021, 16:31

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It's all very well having a powerful PC, but what could be more important than a truly comfortable mouse to go with it? Alongside the keyboard it is the peripheral we interact with most regularly, and a good mouse will go about its business for many years.

My beloved Microsoft Explorer Mouse sadly kicked the bucket after over a decade of use, and I've since switched to a more modern Corsair Ironclaw RGB. I've no real complaints as the form factor suits my large hands, but the cable's a drag and I probably should have gone for the wireless model.

How about you? Is a mouse just a mouse, or is care and attention required when picking from the many, many available options? To find out we're asking: which mouse do you use? Let us know the model, and how you rate it, using the comments facility below.

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The mac came with a Magic Mouse 2 but couldn't get on with it so using a cheap Jelly Comb silent bluetooth mouse. Does the job just fine
Mainly Logitech wireless, but MS Arc mouse on the Surface Pro.


Logitech? Very good. Have used mainly Logitech since their first optical mouse mmmmph years ago.

MS Arc? Not bad at all. I've always quite like MS mice. The Arc, though, is pretty decent but at a hell of a premium price. The on/off mechanism is very clever, but I feel I paid a hefty premium for that, and the styling, at the expense of function. It fiys the sleek ‘premium’ Surface Pro ethos but, at a price.
I've been using a Logitech G403 (wired) for the last few years, great mouse!
Standard Logitech - two button mouse with a wheel.

Its on a USB-cable - so I don't have to fiddle with batteries - and it doesn't get lost.
An Evoluent vertical mouse (wired). Because my right wrist is knackered, due to cycling accidents many years ago.