PQI Lockey is the World's Fastest Fingerprint ID Encryption Security, Safe Beyond Safe

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December 19, 2016 - As one of the global leaders in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI Group today releases "My Lockey - Fingerprint Recognition and Encryption Dongle". The market for fingerprint recognition technology is steadily growing and with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system incorporating biometric authentication, the new PQI My Lockey is the ideal solution for ultimate personal security. It bridges the gap between Windows Hello and previous hardware generations, allowing the use of advance biometric authentication systems. CEO of Global Operations at PQI, Spencer Chiu says "Recently, the increase of fingerprint recognition system resulted in 8-inch wafer productions to fully-load IC foundries. This has led us to believe the strength and adaptability of the fingerprint recognition system in the near future! PQI has summoned their experienced R&D team, integrated multiple resources and with deep roots in the biotechnology field, PQI has simplified the process of personal identification while reinforcing data protection, in the form of My Lockey".

PQI My Lockey is compatible with existing PCs with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. With previous generation computers running Windows 10, it cannot use Windows Hello due to the lack of biometric recognition hardware. With PQI Lockey, plug it into a PC running Windows 10, follow the intuitive set-up guide and you can have your own biometric identification system that reacts within 0.15 second. Revamp your existing PC with the latest technology that safe guards your digital privacy and data security. The invisible burden for people living in the digitized world is remembering passwords. Usually, longer the password, safer the security. Composing it with alphanumeric combinations will make it even harder to crack. Nevertheless, most major accounts require users to change their passwords every now and then for security reasons. With every update, there's a new and long alphanumeric password to memorize and it really puts people's memory abilities to the test! Memorizing multiple passwords for various accounts is not an easy task and the passwords may be hacked as soon as they are entered online. To solve these problems, your own biometric ID is the best solution to gain access to your accounts. Your biometric ID is unique, unduplicable and it's always on you to provide the ultimate privacy and data security. There is no doubt, biometric ID will be the future of password!

Designed for the latest Windows 10 operating system

Couple Microsoft Windows Hello biometric with PQI Fingerprint USB Dongle, follow the Accounts' Sign-in option prompts for fingerprint password setup and you're on your way to secure your personal data and never having to remember complex passwords, ever!

No. 1 in fingerprint ID, your personal gold-key, access within 0.15 seconds

Swift, accurate and responsive! In the blink of an eye (within 0.15 seconds), it accurately identifies the biometric ID on the sensor. Compare to typing the password, it only requires 1/3 of the time to access your personal data.

Breath-sensing, precision algorithm, virtually impossible to duplicate

My Lockey features AI biological detection, breath-sensing and high precision algorithm to detect forged fingerprints, making your data safer and harder for high-tech forgers to access!

Detectable in 360 degrees, anyone of your fingers will do

Using capacitive touch technology, it is more accurate and responsive than traditional optics. Use any of your fingertips, left or right hand, you can use it as your security pass to safeguard your personal data.

Setup up to 10 fingerprint IDs

You may setup to 10 fingerprint IDs and for every fingerprint ID account, one can setup multiple fingerprints as IDs. On a public access computer (office, bank, school, etc.), the account data shown will be determined by the fingerprint ID so personal data can only be accessed by you, avoiding personal data accessed by others.

Certified by Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance

The Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance is an industry consortium that started back in February 2013. Its' main purpose is to address the lack of interoperability among strong authentication devices and problems users face when creating and having to remember multiple usernames and passwords. It also resolves malicious trojan programs from obtaining your password. So whether it is ecommerce, online payments, software / hardware system integrators or traditional PKI token certification, PQI Fingerprint USB Dongle is FIDO certified, it is platform / system interoperable and meets modern digital data safety needs.

This is my password!

Say goodbye to agonizing long alphanumeric passwords! PQI's latest My Lockey fuses man and machine. No longer do we type-in our passwords but we use the uniqueness in everyone of us as the goldkey for security. And it's simple, just use PQI My Lockey and your finger(s) anywhere and anytime to safe guard your data from unauthorized access. In the future, whether you are in an office, on the move, bank or school, My Lockey can be used on public computers without compromising data security. With My Lockey, you can access "My favorites", log into your favorite social media or online shopping sites. Use it for certifications such as ecommerce, online payments or connecting to cloud databases, your digital world is secured and available to you and only you, at your fingertips! So secure your digital world with the latest biometric technology and throw away your puzzling passwords. Your fingertips hold the key, My Lockey!

*PC must use Intel Core i7 processor

Product specifications:

Dimension: 20.0mm (L) * 16.5mm(W) * 8.0mm(T)  ±0.1mm

Weight: 3.0g ± 0.5g

Interface: USB 2.0

Compatible OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home/Pro, meets Windows Hello Biometric Requirements

Status LED: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year