HEXUS is hiring: software developer required!

by HEXUS Staff on 12 February 2013, 12:00


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Looking for work? Reckon your talent lies with software development? Then don't miss this opportunity. HEXUS is a growing technology publisher based in St Albans and we're on the lookout for a talented software developer to join our team.

Job Description

Software developer
St Albans


You'll need know Django inside out, but you may also need to do some PHP or Android work or learn something new. You will be involved in all stages of development, from looking at a Photoshop mock-up and spec, to figuring out the best tools for the job, and deployment onto servers. There will be a range of projects you may be involved with - small ones you can complete yourself, and larger ones you will contribute to. Web technology moves quickly, so you'll need to keep up, and find out what the best frameworks, libraries, tools and trends are, and how best to implement them on the project(s).

Required Experience

Version Control

Preferable Experience

Android or iOS development experience


If you believe you have the skills to match the role and would like to work for an exciting, dynamic company, in the first instance please email your CV to recruitment@hexus.net.

Closing Date

The closing date for applications is 28 March, 2014, but we anticipate other new opportunities will become available in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to the vacancies tab on the left of this page.

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Is the talented bit essential?
I'm in walking distance from Hexus? Literally round the corner!

As convenient as that may be it's a bit “high level” for me.
Good luck to applicants though!
I just need to work out a way of outsourcing this work to china and I'm in!
That's quite a broad skills requirement there HEXUS can you be a little more specific?

I mean I am very talented in the kitchen and I am an application developer :)
And, how much are you guys paying ?