Acer teases convertible laptop in a Star Trek video clip

by Mark Tyson on 25 April 2013, 16:00

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Acer is advertising a new notebook/convertible to tie in with the forthcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness sci-fi feature film. The video teaser, embedded below, shows the new laptop/convertible hurtling though space flexing a funky looking hinge mechanism. You can actually make a similar shape to the Starship USS Enterprise if you position this laptop hinge in a certain way. This appears to be the only link between the two entities in this joint promotion.

As you can see in the video above, Acer doesn’t give much away in terms of the new notebook’s spec. Here’s what we learn; it’s “a unique notebook”, it “will arrive on May 3rd and it will come with Windows 8 installed.

The Z-hinged notebook screen looks like it will be very versatile in its positioning options. It is attached to the back of the keyboard and the middle of the screen panel in a way that should let the panel stand up, like a normal clamshell laptop, and fold down like a tablet convertible. I’ve watched through the video a number of times to try and determine the ports and observe the interesting looking footpads, that sometimes look like headlights in the video, but everything moves so fast... All I can really determine is the position of the cooling vents at the back of the unit which help stop the dilithium crystals overheating.

A lot more substantial information should be revealed, as the video says, on 3rd May. Incidentally Star Trek: Into Darkness debuts on 17th May.

Other new Acers

On the official Star Trek blog there are another two videos which feature Acer computer products. These are different to the Z-hinge convertible we catch a glimpse of above and there is no explanatory text. They appear to show a dockable tablet design which folds down with its keyboard to look like a sleek Ultrabook. See the video screen-grab below.


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it's like Lenovo's IdeaPad but, in tablet mode won't have the keyboard as back
So how much of the price tag is for licensing fees?
From what I can gather, the enterprise crashes, bugger.
So, were coming full circle? Back to the “Original” tablets that failed so epically in the 90s and 2000s… :)

No bad thing imo, I had a few Tablet PCs and it was a great form factor.
Looks more like a slightly different take on Dell's Inspiron Duo, tbh. And we all know how well that did… :rolleyes:

Then again, we didn't have touch-friendly Windows 8 available when the Duo was released, so maybe this will do better…