EVGA launches its X570 Dark motherboard

by Mark Tyson on 22 September 2021, 12:11


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HEXUS commented on the first sightings of the (AMD AM4) EVGA X570 Dark motherboard in mid-July this year. The images came from EVGA in-house OC partner Vince Lucido – AKA Kingpin (or K|NGP|N, if you prefer) and his busy Facebook news feed. Lucido has added several more nice shots of this motherboard subsequently. Now, EVGA's first AMD Ryzen motherboard, and its first to offer the 'Dark experience' has gone up for sale. EVGA has published a press release to mark the occasion, as well as the fully fleshed out product pages we are used to.

Motherboards by their very nature always have a lengthy set of specs, which are best presented in an easy scannable table or infographic, and you can find them presented as such below (click to zoom the image)

Highlights of EVGA's design, in its usual Dark style, are the choice of durable performance enhancing components and the application of the latest technology to make the platform the best it can be. In this particular case that means the presence of a 17 phase VRM, actively cooled motherboard hotspots, reinforced PCIe slots, PCIe Gen 4 storage support, Resize BAR support for Nvidia GPUs, dedicated AiO pump headers, and more. Moreover, EVGA wants to highlight the usefulness of its Eleet X1 tuning software; for all your monitoring, OC and tuning tasks.

It is no surprise that to reach the "pinnacle of desktop PC performance," with this AMD X570 chipset solution, there is a high price to pay. The EVGA.com product page advises this is an 'Elite Member Exclusive' product for the time being, and you can only buy one per household. The asking price is US$689.99. At the moment this product looks like it is US-only, I couldn't find the product listed on the EVGA EU or EVGA Taiwan site at the time of writing.

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I'm assuming those motherboard standoffs are so you can camp under your motherboard through the winter?
Perhaps I'm missing something. Only 2 memory slots , max 64GB and only 3 expansion slots for that money. No way in my book , cash better spent elsewhere.
I'm assuming those motherboard standoffs are so you can camp under your motherboard through the winter?
For that price, I hope they are hiding the other 2 memory slots there.
And it does not even have 10Gbit at that price?

Listen, if you buy this, then it is like buying the next new iPhone, you only buy it because of the brand, as it seem like you get little else, and to mention that, why is there not full specs on eg. the built in sound?!? I mean it must be real good to be able to lift that price a bit, likewise there is only 2 ram slots and max support for 64GB.

Sorry EVGA, come again next year, the capacitors and the likes may be seriously good, but if all you can do with it it is to overclock with, then I do not see a reason to toss any of my money in that direction.
Unless overclocking is in itself your hobby, this motherboard seems completely pointless. The most I've ever spent on a motherboard is £160, on the one I am using and, it's been rock solid this last 3 years. I don't overclock at all now, boost functions make it unnecessary.