Overclocking Intro: Before you even think about it


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HEXUS.tv begins a season of programmes on overclocking - starting with a newbie overview of the general concepts and a link to a HEXUS-hosted CPU overclocking guide. Remember - you overclock entirely at your own risk!

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Good starting article :)
Could you do the same for off the shelf pc,s., media pc builds, gaming pc builds etc
and the same with the likes of a vista pc, a mac pc and a linux pc from setup to using various programmes on it

Then setting up a router
Setting up a NAS
setting up a home server
would make good series on a film ( a picture speaks a thousand words)
wow very yoyotech advertising there ey lol
Good idea - can't watch the content yet (will do later) but a good idea non-the-less.
We can come up with plenty of ideas i'm sure, but i agree particularly with pumpman's idea of setting up Linux on a PC - still loads of people want to be shown before taking a dive in.
Good idea, i think you should cover the PSU side as alot of people seem confused by this component!
Well, i watched it. Yep, it's a basic intro, as the title suggests.
It's a worthwhile start, I hope to see it get more informative.