QOTW: Could you easily give up your mobile phone for a week?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 13 March 2015, 16:30

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You have to go a long way to find people who don't own or use a mobile phone on a daily basis. The technology is seemingly woven into our everyday lives, and applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed the need to use the phone for more than just talking or texting. Indeed I feel 'naked' if the phone isn't in one of my pockets.

But mobile phones were scarce 30 years ago; people managed just fine with the humble corded phone... and before that without a phone at all. A recent BBC story has found that 'smartphones have made everyone seriously dull,' and I tend to agree.

So, with somewhat of a twist, appreciating just how glued we are to our handsets, could you comfortably give up the ubiquitous mobile phone for a week?

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Easily. I used to give up phone and have sporadic internet access (check my post history for the massive gaps) for months and months at a time with no feeling of loss.

I like disconnecting but wouldn't work with the current girlfriend, she moans when I don't reply to her messages within minutes.
yes :)
Easy, I only use it for phone calls.
I would like to think the answer is yes but worry that it may be a no!
I rarely use the phone for comms, games or internet and more like a PDA anyway. I only recently got a ‘smartphone’, having preferred actual PDA phones usually running Windows Mobile 5.5.

If I was without a phone, I'd just carry pen, paper and a novel or two.
However, I think it's the rest of the world who couldn't cope with me not having one!!