Libratone certified headphones for Google Pixel 2

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New Q Adapt In-Ear USB-C and On-Ear MfG are made for Google’s latest mobile devices 

Thursday 5th October, 2017 - Following today’s announcement of the new Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL phones and Pixelbook, Libratone today announces a new line-up of Google-certified Q Adapt In-Ear USB-C and On-Ear MfG headphones designed for use with the latest Google hardware devices.

Developed specifically for the Google Pixel 2, the new Q Adapt line-up features two models: USB-C powered earphones and wireless On-Ear headphones. Delivering outstanding sound quality, both versions offer Libratone’s adjustable noise cancellation (ANC) feature, CityMix, that allows users to tune their audio according to their environment, enabling them to choose how much of the world around them to let in.

“We are proud to be chosen by one of the world’s biggest brands for the “made for” Google program,” said Simon Peschcke-Køedt, VP Global Marketing at Libratone:  It’s great to receive such a ringing endorsement of our products. We entered the headphone market last year with our award-winning Q Adapt In-Ear and On-Ear range that combine Libratone’s beautiful Danish design with cutting-edge noise cancelling technology. We’re pleased that Google users will now be able to benefit from the high-quality Q Adapt audio experience on their new Pixel devices.”

Q Adapt line-up for Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixelbook

The Q Adapt On-Ear headphones pair with the new Google Pixel 2 automatically through the “fast pairing” feature, as well connecting seamlessly through Bluetooth once the devices are near each other. Balancing an ergonomic fit with a light weight design to enable all-day use, they have an easy-to-use touch interface where CityMix™, volume, playback and phone calls can be controlled, along with the Hush function. In addition, they are equipped with wear detection sensors that cut the CityMix™ and music when the user removes them. Bluetooth + 1 wireless daisy chaining functionality allows two users to share music from one device, and the headphones offer 20 hours of battery play time.

With ergonomically designed sweat proof earbuds, the Q Adapt In-Ear USB-C powered earphones fit comfortably, enabling users to listen to music for longer - and while working out. Additional features include music playback control and noise cancellation when taking phone calls.

Both models come in cloudy white and stormy black and will be available from the 19th of October in the US and the 1st of November in Europe on the Google Store and in selected retailers. The Q Adapt In-Ear USB-C are priced at £129 and the Q Adapt On-Ear headphones are priced at £219.

Libratone’s new headphones series will bear Google’s “made for” badge, indicating the range has been designed by Libratone for use with the Google Pixel 2 and has been certified to meet Google’s compatibility standards.

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