LG Electronics Launches its First DivX Certified Television

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Press Release

DivX certification ensures streamlined transfer of digital content to the living room

Berlin, Germany —August 30, 2007— DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIVX) and LG Electronics, Inc. (LG), a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, announced today launch of DivX® Certified Time Machine TV Series both in Plasma and LCD models. Joining over 100 million DivX Certified devices in offering superior visual quality and support for the full range of DivX video content, LG's DivX® Certified Time Machine TV Series is now available in Europe, China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

LG's DivX® Certified Time Machine TV Series includes three LCD models – the 47LB5RE, 42LB5RT, 37LB4RT –and two plasma models, the 50PB4RT and 42PB4RT. LG's DivX® Certified Time Machine TVs deliver remarkable image and audio quality for digital content using much less bandwidth than regular analog devices. The series features a built-in 80 gigabyte hard disc drive for Time Shift function and recording, and a USB 2.0 port for backing up recorded content and for playback of DivX® formatted video as well as MP3 and JPEG playback compatibility. The Time Machine TV Series also boasts a simultaneous watch-and-record function.
"We are very excited about the launch of the DivX® Certified Time Machine TV Series," said HeeWon Kwon, Executive Vice President of LG Electronics. "At LG, we're very committed to giving users what they want. The ability to transfer media seamlessly from the PC to the living room while preserving the kind of high-quality, cinematic experience that consumers demand is a key product differentiator among televisions."

"The DivX Certified LG 42LB5RT LCD television is an example of our efforts to expand the number of ways digital media is consumed in the living room, allowing consumers to access media when, where and how they want to," said Kevin Hell, Acting CEO, DivX. "DivX is building a common media language designed for true interoperability across devices and platforms, and innovative products like the LG television are an important piece of that ecosystem."

As digital media comes of age, more consumers are demanding greater connectivity and better solutions for merging the PC and living room experiences. DivX makes this possible—powering widespread access to content through a range of products and platforms--from DivX Certified devices like digital televisions, DVD players, portable media players and mobile phones to Internet distribution platforms such as DivX Stage6™.

Products that bear the DivX Certified logo have undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure a high-quality DivX media experience, including reliable video creation and playback, interoperability with other DivX Certified devices. Over 90 million DivX Certified devices have been shipped from major manufacturers around the world. Learn more about DivX Certified devices at www.divx.com/products/.