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11th July 2018, LONDON - Awair, the creators of the world’s top selling indoor air pollution monitor today launches Awair 2nd Edition. An elegant and accurate solution for tracking toxins within homes, schools, hospitals and hotels, the 2nd Edition is designed to help individuals understand how their health is impacted by the air. Ideal for asthmatics, allergy suffers, families, the elderly, insomniacs, and even those with acne, Awair works by offering a series of real-time alerts and personalised tips.

Originally launched in the UK in 2017, Awair’s award winning toxin tracker has been updated  to address initiatives (e.g. combatting dangerous air) raised by clean air champions such as Sadiq Khan, Birmingham City Council and Manchester City Council. As a result, the new Awair 2nd Edition now detects fine dust (PM2.5) which is extremely dangerous to the body. Invisible to the human eye, when breathed in, fine dust is absorbed into the bloodstream causing major health issues such as respiratory inflammation, heart disease, cancer and birth defects. Commonplace outside thanks to the burning of fossil fuels and forest fires, PM2.5 is evident inside the home too and is generated by everyday activities such as smoking, cooking (frying), burning candles and lighting open fires.

With indoor air up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, thanks to variables such as poor ventilation, carpets, paint, furniture, pets or even using the wrong cleaning products, the beautiful Awair 2nd Edition monitors five key air pollutants that impact our health – fine dust, chemicals (VOC), CO2, humidity and temperature. With each of these factors affecting our general wellbeing, productivity and sleep, the new Awair works by providing real time notifications that are easily read at a glance on the device’s LED display and generating a series of personalised and improved tips that are sent directly to a smart device. Together, these ensure that homeowners have a deeper understanding of the air around them and can make the necessary changes needed to breathe safe air.

Crafted from North American walnut, the unique 2nd Edition Awair now also includes a Sleep Report feature that helps individuals optimise bedrooms for a better night’s snooze. With one in five Brits sleeping poorly, Awair’s toxin trackers have helped individuals sleep 50% better by allowing them to make small changes to their air quality. Other personalised settings include Productivity, Baby and Allergies which ensure that the recommendations and real-time notifications provided are even more tailored to a family’s needs.

Borrowing many of the aesthetics from the original Awair, the 2nd Edition is ideal for any stylish or smart home. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT and more, the sleek Awair 2nd Edition connects to the user-friendly Awair app (on any Android or iOS smart device) to ensure users can dive deeper into trends over time. Retailing at £169 ($199) the Awair 2nd Edition is available now from

About  Awair 

Awair’s mission is to empower you with the knowledge, motivation and confidence to thrive  in your environment. Bitfinder (Awair) was founded in 2013 by Ronald Ro, CEO and Kevin  Cho, CTO and is located in San Francisco, CA.