Hyperoptic showcases 10Gb home broadband test

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Hyperoptic showcases 10Gb home broadband test

13 February 2018, London, UK: Hyperoptic, the UK’s largest residential gigabit broadband provider, has today carried out a trial of the fastest home broadband the country has ever seen. Touching 10Gb at East Village, the site of the London 2012 Athletes’ Village, Hyperoptic was able to demonstrate speeds some 276x faster[1] than the average speed a UK consumer receives today. It is the first time it has been brought to a UK home and using an existing ISP network, not a new, dedicated line. The test demonstrates the power and scalability of Hyperoptic’s full fibre broadband network.

Sharon White, Ofcom Chief Executive, was in attendance to witness this glimpse of the UK’s digital future. She said: “The amount of internet data used by people in the UK is growing by around half every year. So we’ll increasingly need full-fibre broadband services like this to provide faster, more reliable connections and capacity to our homes and offices. We’re seeing real momentum behind full-fibre, with bigger and bolder commitments from companies of all sizes to build broadband that can support the UK’s digital future.”

The trial was carried out with the UK’s Build to Rent pioneer, Get Living, who own and manage 1,500 homes for rent at East Village, on the doorstep of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. Since the neighbourhood opened its doors in 2013, Hyperoptic has supplied its residents with gigabit connections but the trial shows its network is able to go much, much faster. The Hyperoptic 10Gb trial testing is based on its leading full fibre technology, where the fibre optic network goes all the way into the customer’s home.

Dana Tobak, CEO, Hyperoptic, explains: “We have carried out this trial to elevate the debate in a largely stagnate industry. While the market incumbents focus on sweating their copper assets and lobbying the likes of the ASA to convince them that its acceptable to market their Fibre-to-the-Cabinet services as ‘fibre,’ we are proudly setting a new standard.  With full fibre our customers across 30 UK towns and cities can enjoy symmetrical gigabit services today. This 10Gb test proves that our network can scale in the future.” 

Neil Young, CEO, Get Living, added: “We are very excited by the results of Hyperoptic’s trial. Broadband is as important to our 3,000 residents as any other utility. From a household of sharers all streaming Netflix to iOS developers working from home, East Village residents demand the fastest available broadband. With 10Gb speeds you can download an HD movie, throw a ball in the air and start watching it by the time it lands. This breakthrough is a game changer for the UK and another first for East Village.”

The trial was measured via a speed-test server located in a Hyperoptic Data Centre. It used the latest 10Gb network capable router with the LAN host and server being based on Intel technology, which allows network speeds up to 10Gb or more. The test environment will be in place for four weeks enabling Hyperoptic’s partners to experience the next generation speeds and help shape their future connectivity strategies. 

With a 10Gb connection, HD and 4K downloads and uploads are practically instantaneous – even with multiple, heavy users. For example, with 10Gb you can:

  • Download a standard HD movie file (5GB) in 4 seconds, compared to 6 minutes 40 seconds on a 100Mb connection
  • Download a 25GB Xbox game in 20 seconds, compared to 33 minutes 20 seconds on a 100Mb connection
  • Download the latest full 4K ultra high definition movie (75 GB) in just 1 minute, compared to 1 hour 40 minutes on a 100Mb connection

About Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic is the UK’s largest residential gigabit broadband provider. The company offers the fastest broadband in the UK and is proudly setting a new fibre ‘gold standard’ with unmatched speed, reliability and customer service. Its hyperfast, symmetrical gigabit services are over 27x faster than the average speed a UK consumer receives today. 

Hyperoptic works with property owners, developers and professionals, designing and installing dedicated fibre infrastructure to new buildings and existing developments. Its services are currently available to consumers and businesses across 30 cities and towns across the UK. It aims to have its hyperfast service available to over two million homes by 2022 and five million homes by 2025.

Founded in 2011, the company has been recognised as the ‘Best Superfast Broadband’ provider by the Internet Service Providers’ Association for the last five years in a row and was crowned the “Most Innovative Provider” in the 2017 Broadband Genie home broadband survey. 

For more information please visit: www.hyperoptic.com.  

[1] Average UK speed is 36.2 Mpbs according to Ofcom