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4 March 2020 London: Hyperoptic, the UK’s largest Gigabit full fibre provider, has scooped both of the broadband accolades at the inaugural Compare The Market Simples Awards. It won both ‘The Service Award’ and ‘The Innovation Award.’

Compare The Market’s Simples Awards have been launched to give recognition to providers who have delivered excellent service and innovations in the past twelve months. Winners were selected by a judging panel formed of Compare The Market’s Commercial Director, prominent media figures and industry experts.

The Service Award recognises providers that have actively helped customers remove some of the pressures of making financial decisions. The Innovation Award recognises providers that have implemented technologies and tools to make using their product simpler, more intuitive and time-efficient.

Charles Davies, MD ISP, Hyperoptic: “We are thrilled to be recognised for having the most simple-to-understand, straightforward and best-in-class broadband service on the market. We recognised from our inception that we needed to go beyond being the fastest provider to also being the most customer-centric. We have achieved this by putting customers first at every juncture and delivering the most flexible products at the fairest prices.”

Hyperoptic is building a brand-new full fibre network. It is seeking to change the broadband map of the UK, providing two million homes with full fibre by 2021 and five million by 2024.

Last week Hyperoptic was also recognised at the annual Broadband Genie Broadband Home Awards for being both the ‘Fastest Ultrafast Provider (downloading)’ and ‘Fastest Ultrafast Provider (uploading)’ in the UK.

About Hyperoptic
Hyperoptic was founded in 2011 to shake up the UK broadband market and is now the country’s largest and fastest-growing gigabit network provider. It delivers the nation’s fastest broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps (1,000 megabits per second), which is over 18x faster than the UK average. 
Hyperoptic is a leader in “full” fibre optic technology, delivering fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), not just fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC). Its future-proofed infrastructure is bringing transformational internet speeds and connection stability to millions of people across the UK.
Hyperoptic works with property owners, developers and professionals, designing and installing dedicated fibre infrastructure to new buildings and existing developments. It focuses exclusively on high density urban areas, often in areas neglected by other providers and network builders. 
The company was awarded ‘Best Superfast Broadband’ provider by the Internet Service Providers’ Association for six years in a row. In 2019 it received awards for ‘Best Customer Service’ and ‘Best Business ISP’.   
Hyperoptic encourages every customer to leave a review on Trustpilot, where it has a 5* rating – significantly higher than other UK broadband providers - and it continues to stay high despite customer numbers growing rapidly.