Oppo X rollable screen smartphone showcased

by Mark Tyson on 18 November 2020, 12:11

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Smart device firm Oppo held its second annual Inno Day 2020 in Shenzen China yesterday promising a "leap into the future". It shared several interesting new smart and new technology products but the highlights probably were the Oppo X rollable screen smartphone and the Oppo AR Glass 2021 wearables.

We have seen rollable screen concept phones before but this is the best example I remember seeing and it was also good to see it not just showcased on stage but in the hands of various Inno Day 2020 attendees.

This is still a concept phone but Oppo has a track record of commercialising such designs – last year's Inno Day stars, its first smartwatch and wireless fast charging system, both materialised a few months later.

As a concept device we don't have much in the way of tech specs right now. All we know is that the Oppo X rollable has a 6.7-inch display which rolls out (following a swiping gesture) to a squarer 7.4-inch diagonal size. On the official Inno Day pages you can see Oppo says that the screen is still nicely firm without any segment gaps when fully extended and the supporting rolled steel sheet plays a part in that too. Oppo has secured 122 patents for this device.

I've embedded the official Oppn X hands-on video top but a briefer and better one, featuring only this device, is embedded directly above.

The Oppo AR Glass 2021 is a follow up to the original AR glasses from Oppo revealed last December. The new wearables are about 75 per cent lighter than their predecessors as they have removed the built-in processing – instead you will need a partner device like the SD865-powered Oppo Find X2 Pro connected via USB-C to make use of them.

The glasses still have essential sensors and cameras built-in for full AR functionality. For example they can detect and track up to 21 markers per hand, have stereo fisheye cameras, a ToF sensor, an RGB camera, and Mics for Breeno voice assistant use. Oppo says that its twin 0.71-inch OLED panels can provide the equivalent of a 90-inch TV viewing experience for video content consumption.

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Nice to see tech progressing.
I might be more interested when it's on the shelves and a viable purchase, but really in the collapsed format it's just too long to be pocket-friendly.
I do like that phone, pointless sure, but I like it!