Samsung Galaxy Unpacked scheduled for 11th August

by Mark Tyson on 21 July 2021, 12:11

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Samsung is preparing for another of its Galaxy Unpacked events. The next such event will be online only, available for anyone to view, and is scheduled for 10am ET (3pm UK time) on Wednesday, 11th August. Samsung's invite and associated video hints at the unveiling of a pair of new foldable devices. Its tease tallies with a number of photos / render leaks over recent days.

Samsung's official teaser - all the images below are leaked renders

A blog post on the Samsung news site suggests we "get ready to unfold," and welcome "flexible, versatile mobile devices that can keep up with the fast pace of our lives". If you click to watch the brief invite video, you will see a bit of graphical origami which appears to represent new Z Fold and Z Flip devices.

New foldables are not all we expect through. Thanks to extensive leaks published by Evan Blass, which started flowing on 10th July, we are also expecting a Samsung Galaxy 21 FE, a new Galaxy Watch, and the Galaxy Buds 2 earphones. However, even though the timing will be about right, fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note series aren't expected to get any treats in 2021.

The headlining devices expected at the Unpacked are the expansive Galaxy Z Fold 3 (with possible S Pen stylus bundled/support) and smaller Galaxy Z Flip 3. As mentioned above, Evan Blass has already shared images of these, and you can see GIF animations of them via the two links in this paragraph and stills in this article above and below. Click on either of the links, and you will be able to scroll through a Twitter thread laced with GIF animations of the two headlining foldables, plus the new S21 FE, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Buds.

It is great to have all the visual materials from the leaks up front, but there remains a lot to learn about the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy devices. For example, we don't have any solid tech specs for the foldables, and we don't know what has been snipped from the Galaxy S21 to come up with the more accessibly priced S21 FE – nor indeed any pricing indicators.

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Looking forward to this :) Hopefully all the leaks will be true and the Fold 3 will finally have a full screen on the interior (no punch hole). I've had my Fold 2 since launch and I can genuinely say it's the only thing I would (practically) want to change about the device - so that + a spec bump would be a worthy upgrade.

The only slight concern is that the addition of S-Pen support (which is largely pointless imo) will add some bulk to the device or more plastic protection rubbish on the screen (noting that I took the included screen protector off my Fold 2 a month after buying it, which dramatically improved the look/feel). Hopefully the pen will be a separate purchase too for those of us that don't want/need one. We'll see though!
… Hopefully the pen will be a separate purchase too for those of us that don't want/need one. We'll see though!
Don't hold your breath on that. Samsung seem to tend to include them on the higher-end tablets. Never used one of those but I find the pen on the Surface Pro very useful indeed. I have a fancy Arc mouse too, but rarely use it. Mostly, pen …. or finger.
I do use the S-Pen on my Tab S6, although rarely these days since I tend to find the Fold 2 covers 90% of tablet duties… is a nice thing to have for writing on the screen, taking quick sketches etc.

The thing with the fold though is the crease…It's completely invisible when watching content on the screen (very clever trick of the eyes I guess, but you really don't see it when watching content), but you can feel it with your finger - and it would totally disrupt the ability to write/draw on the screen clearly.

We'll find out in a few weeks I guess. I would not be at all surprised if they omit it entirely and the leaks were wrong.
I will await developments with keen anticipation. :D
Just remember to peel that lens cover off first guy :P