QOTW: What was the first game console you purchased?

by Parm Mann on 12 June 2020, 16:31

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Last week's question brought back so many great memories that we're eager to continue to explore different avenues of memory lane.

This time around, let's talk game consoles. There's plenty of excitement surrounding the next-generation devices from Microsoft and Sony, but forget about those for a moment, we want you to put your thinking caps on and cast your memory right back to the one that got you started, your very first game console.

Remember it? Then share with everyone else using the comments facility below and don't skimp on the extra details; how old you were, how much it cost back in the day, and which games made you want to keep going back for more.

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Personally I've never had a console but I did buy two original Gameboys for my twins about 25yrs ago.

Although the Dragon 32 had some games cartridges, but probably doesn't count.
Atari VCS. Played so much River Raid I can still hear the sound of the jet fighter refueling.
I've never bought a console, closest I got was a “free” XBox360 as I'd ordered about £30k's worth of MS Licensing and I asked what free stuff I could get :D
It suffered from the dreaded RROD a few weeks before it ran out of warranty and MS swapped it for an Elite so I was happy all round..
Never bought one, parents gifted me and my brother an Atari 2600 with wood trim, joysticks and paddles back in the early 80's. Pacman, Yari's revenge and Asteroid were my favourites.