PlayStation Vita - Top Game Picks For Launch

by Steven Williamson on 8 July 2011, 11:47

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With over 80 games currently in development for Sony’s next generation portable, PlayStation Vita, we should be spoiled for choice when the handheld launches at the end of the year.

Based on gameplay trailers and first impressions from the deluge of information at E3 we’ve compiled our top five most anticipated PlayStation Vita games.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
As one of PlayStation gamer’s all-time favourite franchises, this is the title that will set the benchmark for all action action adventures on PS Vista. It looks incredibly beautiful and cinematic on the OLED panel and the touchscreen functionality of Vista should lend itself very nicely to Nathan Drake’s immersive blend of combat and platforming. Tapping on the screen to climb up a ledge, or using the gyroscope function to swing from a rope are just two ways that players will be able to perform context-sensitive actions. Dense jungles, marvelous animations and a compelling adventure are promised when Uncharted: Golden Abyss arrives as one of Vista’s premier launch titles.

The charm of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet and the creativity that goes into the level design, are just two reasons why we’re looking forward to this iteration of the platform-puzzler. This will be a brand new version for PS Vista and the touchscreen controls should add a new element to the 2d platforming, as well making level creation more fun and intuitive. Once again, the Create and Share theme that runs through the LBP franchise will make a return, and players will be to create levels – even using the camera of Vita to help create unique objects – and then share them online with the community.

Wipeout 2048

Coming exclusively to Vita, the Wipeout series made serious waves when it was first released on PlayStation One with its psychedelic visuals, high-speed gameplay and pulsating soundtrack. It’s also a franchise that has already translated well to handheld with both Pure and Pulse doing very well on PSP. Cross platform play with PS3 gamers is a real clincher for us, and we’ve most definitely got faith in developer Studio Liverpool to create the best handheld Wipeout experience yet.

Street Fighter x Tekken
Is there a fan of beat ‘em ups that isn't looking forward to the ultimate match up between these two heavyweight franchises? We’re already salivating over the console version, but tag team battles and furious combo flurries are just as appealing on the new handheld. inFamous hero, Cole should add a unique twist for the Vita version as a playable character, and if Capcom throws in cross-platform play too we’ll be very happy bunnies.

An action Diablo-esque RPG with social functionality is going to be a completely different type of game for Vita’s launch window, and one that may appeal to hardcore gamers. Dungeon-crawling, looting and a deep combat system that offers a range of satisfying finishing moves are promised. It’s going to interested to see how the social aspect of Ruin works. Developer, Sony San Diego Studios and Idol Minds, says that PS Vita players will be able to raid each other’s lairs in real-time - now that sounds like sabotage! Players will also be able to use cloud saves so they can move between playing the game on Vita and PS3.
We couldn't find a trailer for Ruin, so here you're treated to this particular section of Sony's E3 Press conference.

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