Romantics sue Activision over Guitar Hero

by Steven Williamson on 22 November 2007, 09:12

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Master Beat gets tough on Activision

According to Billboard, via Games, members of rock band, The Romantics are suing Activision Publishing because they believe that their song, "What I Like About You", which appears in Guitar Hero Encore, Rocks the 80's, sounds too much like them. Ermm...isn't that the idea?

The band's beef however isn't just about the imitators sounding like them, but they also believe that the song 'improperly imitates the band's sound' and it's "virtually indistinguishable from the authentic version".

Master Beat, Wally Palmar, Mike Skill and Coz Anler (pauses for laughs) have filed the suit at Detroit's Federal District court where they're seeking compensation and damages.

Source :: Billboard

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