QOTW: Which mobile phone do you use?

by Parm Mann on 21 April 2017, 16:31

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More than three years have passed since we last asked this question, and we suspect many of you have changed handsets since then.

And why not? New models keep coming at a relentless pace and the phone has evolved into the gadget that a lot of people can't live without. Can you even remember the last time you left home without it?

The phone is so integral to our everyday lives that our buying decisions are a fascinating subject. So let's revisit the topic and ask: which mobile phone do you use? We'd be particularly interested in hearing why you chose that particular model, how you rate it, and whether or not you feel the need to upgrade anytime soon. Sound off in the comments facility below.

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Galaxy Note 3, best phone I have ever owned.
LG G5 here.

Chosen mainly because it's one of the rare few devices left on the market with a removable battery. That feature has already saved my bacon a few times when i've forgotten to charge it, as i can just swap in a charged spare battery in a few seconds.
Also managed to pick up the camera grip addon for it really cheap. For the actual camera functions it's pretty meh, but it adds another battery which gives an extra half-day of charge, which is very handy.

Apart from that, it's a pretty standard phone, can't see me upgrading any time soon. I only upgraded in the first place because my old phone (Galaxy S3) was literally falling to pieces (had to superglue it together near the end) and it was too slow to run some newer games.
Samsung e2121b, bought at start of 2011 for £20, put £10 on it, got about £2 left now.

last turned it on in February.

main annoying thing about it is the * button at bottom left, locks the handset, and the # key at bottom right puts in in silent. I keep getting them mixed up. there was a few months I didn't answer any phone calls because I didn't hear it ring.

other annoying thing is I cant do the o2 priority free stuff on it, because its just a phone. could've got a free egg from thorntons last week. cant run the app on my tablet because it doesn't have a sim slot.
if only I could combine the 2 devices :confused: all this new fangled technology is too confusing to me.
samsung galaxy note 5
Moto X Force. Generally like it. Moto apps are good and actually add something to the device.

Cons: Still on Android 6.0, battery life has taken a dive recently.