QOTW: How good is your mobile network coverage?

by Parm Mann on 5 October 2018, 16:31

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Like it or not, a lot of folk these days appear to be glued to their phones, and that means our reliance on mobile network coverage is greater than ever. The widened availability of 4G lets us do more while on the road - mobile Internet can in some cases be faster than home broadband - yet on the flip side there are still plenty of blackspots, where coverage remains nonexistent.

For this week's question, we want to hear the opinions of real-world users by asking: how good is your mobile network coverage? Feel free to chime in from wherever you are on the globe, as it'll be interesting to hear how coverage quality tends to vary from one region to another, and please do remember to state the name of your provider.

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I live about 10 minutes outside of Liverpool city centre so my coverage is great, good calls and 4G 24/7!

Not the same story if I go anywhere remotely nice for a day out though!
I think the toilet at work has been turned into a Faraday cage, possibly to ensure as little time spent sat on the bog surfing Facebook as possible.
My phonecall drops if i enter the balcony at work.. that great…I have connection both inside and on the balcony but it just drops when i transition… Or when using the train between 2 cities i enter 2 forests, again, connection drops completely…
Rubbish connection where I live (SW Scotland). Lucky if you can get any sort of CELL signal and 4G is just in my dreams. No Fibre either, so pretty much have to use smoke signals at times!
Well when Virgin used the EE network it was pretty good in a majority of places I go (South England), however since they've gone with their own hardware? Rubbish. So much so I'm switching to EE, even if it means I'm paying more.