QOTW: How much work do you get done on mobile devices?

by Parm Mann on 13 September 2019, 16:31

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There almost certainly will come a time where the need for a desktop will fade in the face of ever-powerful handheld devices that can do just about everything we need. Some might argue that such a time has already arrived, but I'm old school, and despite owning a smartphone, an iPad and a Windows 10 laptop, I still insist on powering up the desktop when I actually want to get something done.

I've no doubt that I'm at one extreme of the spectrum, as I've witnessed others make the shift away from the desk. My wife will quite happily edit documents and spreadsheets on her iPhone, and to this day I've no clue how she manages without a proper keyboard and mouse. For me, it doesn't matter if I simply want to reply to emails or do an online shop; I just feel more productive sat in front of my desktop.

But times are changing, and today's high-end handhelds command massive price tags that align with their 'Pro' branding. These are devices designed with creation and productivity in mind, but how well do they integrate with our everyday jobs? To find out, we're asking: how much work do you get done on mobile devices? Share your thoughts on the subject using the comments facility below.

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As far as I'm concerned NONE!
Not any real work but more for communication which is really useful for being able to respond and keep on top of things while on the move. Feels like work is 20% real work and 80% responding to crap anyway so I find phones indispensable for work now.
Close to zero.