QOTW: Which mobile phone do you use?

by Parm Mann on 28 February 2020, 16:31

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In honour of Mobile World Congress, which understandably didn't take place this week due to concerns over COVID-19, our latest instalment of the HEXUS QOTW asks simply: which mobile phone do you use?

Share your choices using the comments facility below, and please feel free to elaborate with all the juicy details; how long you've had the device, whether or not it has lived up to expectations, and when you next plan to upgrade.

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Honor 6x and Honor 10 Lite

Both excellent

Did have a Huawei P20 which was better than both, but dropped it and smashed it.
Still on my OnePlus 3. Got upgraded to Android 9 but there won't be any further updates, so may have to look at changing it this year. For what I paid for it, it's been great.
Samsung S10 (512GB Edition) - I find this the perfect device for on-the-go photographic use in conjunction with GoPro / DJI Mavic 2 Pro - giving the ability to view footage on the device itself or on a large screen via Dex mode (e.g. on a hotel room screen, when travelling light).

Still also have an Samsung S7 Edge, which remains a useful piece of kit 4 years on from point of purchase (my previous iPhones always felt incredibly creaky and gutless by the time they reached 18 months - part of the reason for jumping off of the iOS bandwagon in 2016).
Samsung Galaxy S8. Got it last year, so as a 2 year old model was well down in price. Mobile phones aren't important enough to me, for me to pay top whack. Mid-range price for high-end phone is OK though.
iPhone 6S, its probably about due for replacement, but I really don't like not having a home button on my phone, nor do I want to carry around anything overly large so not sure where I am going to go next…