QOTW: Has Windows Phone 8 tickled your fancy?

by Parm Mann on 9 November 2012, 16:30

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A refreshed operating system, brand-new handsets and a multi-million-dollar ad campaign. In the coming days, we're going to see Microsoft lay siege to smartphone stores around the globe in a marketing blitz that would have Governor Romney quaking in his boots.

This is arguably Redmond's most vital launch of the year - more so than Windows 8 and Surface tablets - and having struggled to gain a foothold in the smartphone market dominated by Apple and Google, it is now or never for Windows Phone.

The challenge is huge, but Microsoft has never been in a better position. The Windows Phone 8 operating system has matured into a fresh, unique experience, and the accompanying handsets are the best Windows Phones to date. With the likes of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X, Microsoft has plenty of big guns in its arsenal.

But is that enough? Has Windows Phone 8 managed to pique your interest? And, most importantly, are you seriously considering a Windows Phone for your next handset? Whether it's yay or nay, let us know in the comments below.

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Quite like some of the handsets but I'm too used to doing whatever I like with Android, and now that I'm definitely not bothering with Windows 8 on the desktop I can't see myself ever buying one.
Yes, really like my current phone (HTC Trophy 7 running 7.5 or whatever), and my next upgrade will definitely be to a W8 phone. When it will be, I've no idea though :P
I have a Windows phone and I just love it.
I'm tempted by the 8X or the Lumia 820. Luckily I'm due an upgrade in December so might be able to bag a deal on one if the prices drop a little for Christmas.

The only thing putting me off one is that I've had an android phone for the last two years and now have an android tablet, so getting a WP8 phone would mean paying for certain apps again.
Same as George, really impressed with my Samsung Omnia 7, due an upgrade in a few months and will definitely be going W8 phone. Hopefully will get one of the Nokia's though tbh another Samsung will be fine as well.