ForeverMap brings offline orientation to Android

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The ultimate travelling support app now available for Android devices

  • Comprehensive map data for whole of Europe in your pocket for only £1.37 or FREE via peer-to-peer
  • Always have a map to hand without waiting for it to download or incurring any mobile data or roaming charges
  • Free map and software updates for life - "The last map you'll ever need"

Berlin, Germany, 8th March, 2011- skobbler, specialist developer of map-based apps and creator of the first free sat nav app for the iPhone, has today announced that its popular mapping application, ForeverMap, is now available for Android device users.

ForeverMap is the ultimate travelling support app. Once downloaded, users need never worry about getting lost again as it literally puts the whole of Europe in your pocket. Full comprehensive map data of Europe is downloaded onto your mobile device, which can then be instantly accessed without an internet connection, not only avoiding drop-off data loss but also eliminating roaming charges.

"With more than one million customers to date, skobbler is one of German's most successful developers for Apple and Android devices," commented Marcus Thielking, co-founder of skobbler. "Developing our unique OSM-based apps for the most popular mobile platforms has always been part of our strategy. With Android currently being the fastest growing operating system, we are delighted to provide true offline orientation for all key mobile platforms.ForeverMap literally takes the data connection necessity out of orientation, enabling users to truly experience digital maps on the move without the usual ifs and buts. The launch of ForeverMap for Android is a testament to our commitment to develop smart applications with no technical limitations and no additional costs for life. ForeverMap has been designed to be the last and only map you'll ever need and we are confident it will be as successful as our flagship satellite navigation solution," Thielking concluded.

Two versions of ForeverMap are available on Android Market. Both versions offer the same feature set, with the exception of the paid solution for £1.37 offering quick map downloads from high-speed servers. The free version relies on somewhat slower peer-to-peer download technology. Users can choose from a full collection of European maps. So depending on your individual preferences and the amount of memory you wish to use, map data for individual countries (including all cities) is available for download collectively or individually. Once downloaded onto your mobile device, the maps can be instantly accessed offline, anytime, anywhere - making ForeverMap the perfect travel companion. ForeverMap also includes extensive Wikipedia references such as history, sights and landmark info, converting the app into an intuitive electronic tour guide.

ForeverMap further includes: offline search; location finder; route calculation; and information on places of interests, providing users with a fully interactive, offline map solution without limitations.

Price, availability and compatibility:

ForeverMap is available as a free lite version and a full version priced at £1.37. The difference between the two is the speed of the map download and installation within the app. ForeverMap is compatible with a wide variety of Android devices.

ForeverMap is also available via iTunes for Apple device users at:

For further information on recent developments at skobbler, please visit or 

skobbler ForeverMap - Key Features:

  • Access to OpenStreetMap European countries' maps including all cities and towns (exception: the Canary Islands) - no data connections required after installation
  • Completely installable countries (not just cities)
  • Routes for pedestrians and cars
  • Offline search for locations
  • Offline Wikipedia content integrationfor many sights
  • IdeaLog for suggestions on future improvements
  • Places of interest info for restaurants, theatres, etc.
  • Offline finder of current position
  • Compass functionality
  • Name browsing
  • Search for: City, Street & POI
  • Search history and easy bookmarking/favourites system
  • High detailed map display with dynamic zooming backed by multi-touch support
  • Turning maps
  • Auto-follow mode
  • Route calculation
  • Native Android UI
  • Dynamic POI layers as clickable icons in the map (both OSM & Wikipedia)
  • In-App help

About skobbler

Berlin-based skobbler ( has been independently developing map-based applications for iOS- and Android-based mobile devices since 2008.

skobbler is a prime player in location-based services developing an array of products that show what's possible based on OpenStreetMap in all sorts of categories on various mobile device platforms.