QOTW: Do you backup?

by Parm Mann on 10 September 2021, 16:31

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Those who have ever lost precious data will appreciate the importance of keeping regular backups. It is something almost everyone ought to do, but how many of us really take the time?

My own efforts have become lax at best, which is somewhat a surprise given that I used to backup religiously. Perhaps the stability of recent PCs and storage drives has lulled me into a false sense of security. Definitely something I need to reevaluate, but how about you? Do you create backups for any of your data or devices, or do you not feel the need? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Yes, been in the IT industry long enough to know it is well worth the few minutes it takes. Personal data is on mirrored drives on the PC, backed up to a second PC on another set of mirrored drives. Also to my online storage, and the very vital stuff also onto an external HDD. All of this and I have never had a HDD let me down, but of course should I stop backing up, I'll bet one fails. As I see it HDD are cheap, my data is worth a fortune in my time and effort.
Important stuff on the server is replicated across multiple drives, add to that an external ‘grab in emergency’ drive (SSD).
Other than that I have stuff in OneDrive, that's about it tbh
Absolutely without hesitation every time I use my computer.

I have 2 4TB raid arrays, business and personal.

4TB business is backed up on 2 separate hard drives (work in progress and completed).

and 8TB hard drive backs up both arrays with is the shutdown procedure for the PC

Occasional images are taken of my boot drive on one of the business back up drives and my phone is backed up to my personal drive which is then included on the 8TB backup.

A lot of this is due to being a business machine but also knowing of people who have lost 10 years+ of kids photos etc.

With that I have had 2 hard drives fail over the years and lost very little, and I have moved older backup drives into USB3 enclosures which makes them ok to work from if business critical.
Yes, firstly to an internal drive, secondly to an external back-up drive and a limited amount of important pictures are in a cloud back-up too.
None of my machines in full no, but I do occasionally backup photos etc to 2 separate drives. I need to find a cheap backup solution but have never really looked into it.